Hunt where the big bucks live!!!

Illinois Deer Hunts

We are the self guided division of Tall Tine Outfitters and provide our unguided or semi guided whitetail hunts in  Brown  County in West Central Illinois. Our mainstay is bowhunting during the rut. Much more like a hunting club or hunting camp atmosphere than an outfitting operation, we typically  cater to small groups of 2-4 hunters and provide your group with exclusive rights to top quality hunting property at affordable prices.

We give you a tour and orient you to the property but you choose your own hunting locations and hang your own portable stands. We are happy to point out deer patterns and movements and we are always close by but you are your own guide. Hunting is on working farms with plenty of timber and escape cover.

Our hunts are oriented toward the accomplished whitetail deer hunter that is looking for an opportunity to hunt in top quality whitetail habitat that has been managed for trophy bucks with antler restrictions and limitations on hunting pressure.  If you don't need your hand held and just want to be able to hunt where a booner could come by any day, you'll be happy hunting with us. 

Please make no mistake, fair chase hunting for mature record book whitetail is a challenge anywhere. We can't promise success. What we can promise is that you'll be hunting where the potential exists at any time for a trophy buck to give you an opportunity. How you handle it is up to you. Almost all of our hunters  see at least one shooter buck (125" or better) at some point in their hunt. we keep our hunting pressure low and manage the property year round with big bucks in mind. 

Whitetails need three components to grow trophy antlers. Genetics, nutrition and age. Age is the most important part of the mix. We have the genetics and the nutrition and by limiting hunting pressure and adhering to antler restrictions of 125" minimum, we help allow our bucks to grow to maturity.

Our management plan includes year round food plots to enhance the nutrition provided by the abundant agricultural cropland in the area. 

We also encourage and welcome doe harvests to keep the herd in balance. We have a doe harvest incentive program in place to assure an adequate doe harvest  

We care about our deer herd and ask our members to shoot only mature bucks. (125" minimum) Our continued success depends on our hunters to keep our management plan on track. 

Our bowhunts are 6  full days

Shotgun hunts are 3 or 4 days

Muzzle loader hunts are 4 day or 3 day         

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